What are the best budget home theater projectors?

The best budget home theater projectors

We will tell you today which projector will be right for you according to your budget. You need to keep these things in mind before selecting a good home theater projector. The projector should have 2000 or more lumens, so that you can control the ambient light. The resolution of the projector should be better.  The contrast ratio of the projector should be high. You should buy a projector up to a screen size of 150 inches. The projector should have excellent connectivity options. You should keep these things in mind before buying best budget home theater projectors. We have also selected some projectors for you which can become a great option for you.


Key Features

  • Brilliant home cinema projector with High-powered Hybrid Light Source
  • It comes with 8.3 mega pixels utilizing 4K UHD hybrid technology, LG CineBeam delivers precisive details up to 300-inch screen.
  • Bright scenes appear brighter, while dark scenes remain detailed with deep blacks and shade detail.
  • Enjoy video contents with built-in apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Youtube



  • The built-in ambient sensor automatically recognizes the lighting conditions and adjusts the brightness mode suitable for the naked eye.
  • Adaptive Contrast gives more depth to your image by adaptively adjusting the Laser output to image, in order to create a high contrast ratio.
  • With Magic Lighting Remote Control, you can just press the home button and easily control webOS. Its lighting function allows you to control it conveniently even in a dark room.
  • With the improved 2.2Ch (Quad WF) 40W sound, you can enjoy the cinematic sound experience like a real movie theater.

LG HU810PW 4K UHD Laser CineBeam Projector


  • Exceptional Picture Quality
  • Fits Laser Output to the Scene
  • Feel the Emotions of the Original Content Creator
  • Covers HDR10, Dynamic Tone Mapping, HLG, and HGiG
  • The Smart Way to Access Contents
  • Flexible and Easy Installation
  • Advanced Wireless Connection

LG AU810PW 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Theater Projector

Key Features

  • Laser 4K UHD & 8.3 Mega pixel
  • DCI-P3 97%
  • Brightness Optimizer
  • Lens shift (H ±24%, V ±60%) / Zoom x1.6
  • Auto Calibration (w/ CalMan)
  • WiSA

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