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TAGA Harmony PF-1000 High-End Audio Grade Noise Filter


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TAGA Harmony PF-1000

To improve the performance of the audio-video system, it is necessary to have clean electricity. PF-1000 is a perfect addition choice to your audio or home theatre system. It removes noise from your electricity as well as isolates sound sources from the electrical network.

Electricity usage is increasing day by day in our homes, offices, and other places. In our daily life, we are using more things that run on electricity.

Such as Cooler Refrigerator Air Conditioner Computer etc. Electricity around us is exposed to various interferences. Such as electromagnetic interference generated by devices connected to the same network. It may be different around us every day.

When the load on the electrical network increases, then all these types of interference are called noise. Which can come into our system and affect our system. This dirty electricity hurts our audio-video system. PF-1000 is a perfect solution to overcome this problem. Because it limits the negative noise from electricity so that there is no effect on the system.

This is the perfect power solution your system away from corrupted power. With the TAGA Harmony PF-1000, you can enjoy superior quality from your audio and video equipment.

Contaminated power affects the internal circuits of the equipment. But PF-1000 protects against this and works to increase the life of the system.

In this, you can remove ICE power cable anytime and use premium power cable which is a good option.

It uses 4 direct and 4 filtered stocks, so that you can connect your device. And maximum power load capacity of up to 2500W. It is available in very light weight (3.2 kg) which you can fit anywhere anytime. It is available in Black color.


Power noise filter
4 direct
4 filtered
Total maximum power load
10A, 2500W (total for all power sockets)
Noise filter
>-10dB (2 - 100MHz)
Max surge current
Max spike volt
Max clamping volt
(8x20s): 470V
Features / accessories
Phase detector

Removable IEC power cord
AC power / power consumption
230V~240V 50/60Hz
0.1W< (without any external devices plugged in)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
9 x 14 x 44.5 cm
3.2 kg / pc.


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