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Q Acoustics Concept 500 (Floor standing Speakers)

Key Features
  •   Three separate layers filled with a non-setting gel
  • Pure audio excellence and a sensational sound stage



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Q Acoustics Concept 500

Listen to your best-loved songs and add feelings to your life with this stupendous product of Q Acoustics CONCEPT 500. The floor-standing speakers are abruptly modish, contemporary, high-sounding, and surprisingly accurate.

 These speakers have modern and creative technologies. Which helps them to deliver refined audio that will blow your minds and rock up to your heart. 

The duo of these floor-standing speakers lowers the directivity with broad bandwidth, realistic impedance, and fine sensitivity. This helps them to become room-friendly and permits amplifiers to carry out their best output. In cabinet construction, it allows for less vibration and coloration.

here three distinct layers charge with a non-setting gel. Which condenses the cabinet wall and transforms higher frequency vibrations into heat. So now, feel your bass with BoxnBeat and do not lose the opportunity to enjoy the combination that evolved in a state-of-the-art loudspeaker luminary of any high-end system.


The cast aluminum base of Concept 500 plans without enormous level regions (extra adornments to beat undesirable acoustic reflections down). The subsequent rich plan supporting by a decision of painstakingly designing feet to couple the amplifier to any surface.

Q Acoustics CONCEPT 500 is the exemplification of exquisite design, viable with a contemporary living space and not explicit to a specific style inside.

The appearance has been pared back to be essentially as perfect looking as could expect. With back-mounted mid/bass drivers keeping the perplex cleanup and implanted magnets getting the grille. So, no trimmings are apparent.

Gloss dark or shiny white completions join with Italian real wood outward display, picked for its consistency in shading and example. The outward display is utilized sparingly in a subtle stripe to make a cabinet that is outwardly light and clean. The white gleam finishes alluringly match with pale oak and the dark shine with profound rosewood. Various layers of veneer have then been adding give a profound piano gleam finish.

A method, known as P2P™ (Point to Point) bracing, supports the parts of the cabinet that need stiffening to deal with low-frequency panel vibrations. Constructed in three separate layers and filled under pressure with a non-setting gel, this damps the cabinet walls and converts higher frequency vibrations into heat.

Key Features
  • Firstly it has the High-end Concept 500 Floor-standing Speakers adopt advance. Innovative technologies to deliver pure audio excellence and a sensational sound stage.
  •   Secondly, comes the concept of 500 pairs Point-to-Point (P2P™) bracing to deal with low-frequency panel vibrations with Helmholtz Pressure Equalizers (HPE™) to balance out pressure irregularities.
  •   LAstly, it has three separate layers are filled with a non-setting gel, which dampens the cabinet walls and converts higher frequency vibrations into heat for better performance.


 Frequency Response: 41 Hz - 30 kHz

 Average Impedance: 6 Ω

 Minimum Impedance: 3.7 Ω

 Recommended Power: 25 - 200 W

 Distortion (120 Hz - 20 kHz): 0.2 %

 Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz

 Mid Bass / Driver: 2 x 6.5" 

High Frequency Unit: 1.1"


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