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Q Acoustics Concept 50 (Floor standing Speaker)

Key Features
  • Disengagement suspension base kills undesirable outside and inside vibrations
  • high-quality sound which provides badass bass to your music


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Q Acoustics Concept 50

Q Acoustics Concept 50 deals with high-end, high-quality sound which provides badass bass to your music. Concept 50 offers a really top-of-the-line home sound performance without the very good quality sticker price. Each component of acoustic development includes Concept 50 equip for planning the calmest cabinet. Honest by inner and outside resonances, these speakers convey centered sound system imaging and precise sound. A lengthy holographic soundstage to copy a live presentation in the home.


The actual idea of the Concept 50  configuration can present undesirable standing waves inside the bureau. By utilizing an HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser™) tube configuration, which first began in Concept 500, pressure changes over to speed to wipe out these presentations affecting vibrations and to assist with conveying the best recurrence reaction.

Showing a similar modern structure line and fascinating, premium serious shine finish of the highest point-of-the-range 300 and 500 models and the new range holds the mark aluminum front puzzle plate that built up the first Concept speakers so famous. Concept 50 shows up in three striking veneers: dark, silver, and white.


 The Q Acoustic Concept series highlights Bi-Wire terminals on the back of the bureau. This implies, that by utilizing a viable speaker link. Two sets of links can be run from your power source (amplifier) to the speaker. One bunch of links conveys the high-range signals, while the subsequent pair moves the mid/low frequencies.

The benefit of isolating these frequencies through bi-wiring is two creases: Intermodulation bending brought about by collaborations between the high and low frequencies. Going down the link limit, with the outcome being an observable improvement in the lucidity of the mid-range.


High-recurrence driver completely airtight fix and precisely confined (drifting) from the front puzzle to safeguard from inner resonances from the mid/bass driver.

HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser™) decreases inside strain and standing waves.

Disengagement suspension base kills undesirable outside and inside vibrations.

The driver gathers mount to the front aluminum puzzle by asserted studs to give the right acoustic seal, while tube vibrations limit the primary coupling of the get-together in principle bureau.

  • Firstly it has a ground-up mid/bass and tweeter driver plan for expanded power taking care.
  • Secondly, it comes Gelcore™ bureau development decreases higher recurrence cabinet noise.
  • P2P™ (Point to Point™) inner propping hardens the cabinet to limit lower recurrence vibrations.
  • Lastly it hybrid plan is mounted on the disengagement base, to limit any microphonic get and away from electro-attractive fields transmitted by the drive units.



Frequency response: 42 Hz - 30 kHz 

Nominal impedance: 6 Ω

 Minimum impedance: 3.6 Ω

 Sensitivity: (2.83V @ 1kHz) 90.5 dB/w/m

 Recommended amplifier power: 25-150 W

 Crossover frequency: 2.1 kHz

 Distortion: (120Hz - 20kHz, @2.83Vrms) <0.2%


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