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Q Acoustics Concept 300 (Bookshelf Speaker)

Key Features
  • Spade connectors, or 4mm banana plugs
  • Best sound quality


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Q Acoustics Concept 300

Q Acoustics Concept 300 is a high audio, high-quality amplifier that is highly compatible and ready to communicate with any interior design product. From the outside, various enamel coats produce a top-notch gleam finish which is joined with genuine wood veneers. This outcome is in a cabinet that figures out how to be spotless and downplayed and yet modern and snazzy.


The Concept 300s utilize Q Acoustics’ cabinet developments as well, guaranteeing they contribute as little as possible to the general sound. Like the Concept 500s, they utilize P2P (highlight point) propping. This adds back to the parts of the cabinet that should be solidified to make them calmer. Q Acoustics has gained popularity for planning, designing, and assembling inventive, elite execution, and class-driving amplifiers at each price tag.


In the Concept 300 Q Acoustics has planned a very good quality amplifier that is unnoticeable and ready to interface attentively with any interior design vocabulary. The cleaned-up look of the cupboards is additionally upgraded by imaginative drive unit mounting. Both the tweeter and mid/bass driver are fixed, from behind. Solid spring-tensioned holding bolts discredit the requirement for any uncovered bolt-heads on the speaker’s face.

At the back of the speaker, Concept 300 highlights an overdetermined terminal board that is intended to oppose vibrations from the cabinet. It’s prepared for bi-wiring (or bi-amping) via its electrically segregated terminals – these can acknowledge uncovered wire, spade connectors, or 4mm banana plugs.


The only vibrations an amplifier produces are the ones expected to create its sound. Obviously, it’s unrealistic to altogether free an amplifier cabinet of undesirable vibrations that can disrupt its exhibition – at the same time, as Q Acoustics has shown with Concept 300, it is feasible to downplay cabinet vibrations to convey totally uncorrupted sound.

Q Acoustics utilizes MDF rather than one of the more alluring as well as costly choices to develop the Concept 300 cabinet. There are two or three explanations behind this: a) alternative materials offer no advantages as far as damping, or even straightforwardness and effortlessness of development, over the extremely superior execution MDF conveys, and b) more costly materials basically drive up the inevitable cost of the speaker for no sound increase at all.


P2P bracing is fitted inside the cabinet to stave off low-end frequency vibrations in areas most susceptible to those sound waves.

The structure of the Concept 300 cabinet is obvious in its utilization of P2P™ bracing. Q Acoustics can quantify the presence of the cabinet structure at a minuscule level and distinguishes the exact places that need help.

So the P2P™ targeted cabinet bracing technique implies the cabinet has precisely the help it needs and no more. In this occurrence, a long and detailed investigation of an issue brings about a basic and splendidly successful result.


Tensegrity is a tripod- by definition, a very steady construction. It’s worked from lightweight aluminum tubes (which are the heap-bearing component). And slim tempered steel links (which keep up with the place of the heap bearing cylinders). The outcome is a light, particularly unbending and self-supporting structure. With a remarkably low surface region and – we should not imagine in any case – a flawlessly exquisite appearance. It’s not such a lot of a speaker stand, it’s more a completely new amplifier support idea.

Obviously, it’s unimportant how effective your speaker cabinet is, or how brilliant the plan of the stand is. It works, assuming the joining between the two is unsympathetic or wasteful. Q Acoustics joins Concept 300 speaker to Tensegrity stand with the new confinement. Base suspension framework, which is similarly thoughtful and productive as it gets.

The whole mass of Concept 300 is suspended on the four springs of the recently evolved coordinated base plate. This disconnection base framework works in more ways than one: it keeps energy from the speaker. Spilling into the Tensegrity stand and influencing the sound. It forestalls vibrations from the floor advancing from the stands into the speaker. And in each situation, it gives an unbending coupling between the speaker and the stands.

Because of the mix of Tensegrity stand and segregation base suspension, the exhibition of Concept 300 is completely unhindered by inside or outer impacts.



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