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AUDICA Multi-zone System Controller


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AUDICA Multi-zone System Controller

We sometimes need a system controller to control the songs at the same time on the loudspeaker. AUDICA Multi-zone System Controller That’s why we use a system controller. AUDICA has introduced Multi-Zone System Controller in the market with excellent function. A zone control mixer comprises 4 zones with 6 music inputs. A microphone input is provided for paging. Different music can control simultaneously in 4 outputs so that music can hear by anyone. It has all Input stereo enabled.

The Zone output gets a flat response or Audica loudspeaker EQ as needed. Silent control input is used to be connected to the fire control system. The remote zone can be controlled via the wired control panel or RS232 interface. Up to 7 multizone units can be connected by daisy-chain for systems up to 28 zones.


A rotary switch selects which input is used for that area on the front panel and the music level is set by rotary control. Each zone has a single-ended (phono/RCA) output and balanced output on the Phoenix connectors. A switch selects whether speaker EQ applies to the output. The maximum output level at the line output jack is 4.0Vrms. The balanced output jack has a maximum output level of 8.0Vrms which is electronically balanced.


Front Panel Indicators: Power LED. Off when Mains power switch is off. Blue when mains power is on. Transient quick glimmering shows RS-232 empowered reserve mode inactivity.

Channel pointers. Each channel has a white pointer LED to show the signal present. Firstly, the brilliance of the LED gives some sign of sign level.

Rear panel Indicators: MIC LED. A 2-color LED uses to aid in setting the MIC input level. Input channels. A single 2-color LED uses to set the line input level. In turn, applying a signal to each input sets the level according to the MIC LED above. All basic functions of the unit can control from the RS-232 interface.

Commands give only for “absolute” controls (e.g.- volume = 68). It also controls which channels assign to which RS232. This allows some channels to be under manual control while other RS-232 control. The user can also set an address for Multizone on its rear panel allowing multiple chained units to be controlled from a single RS-232 port. If this feature requires the user simply sets the RS-232 source to “chain” on the rear panel and assigns different addresses to each unit. The RS-232 data signal relay to all chained units using the same cable as loop-through. RS-232 port is uni-directional, multizone does not send any data. 


Sound system Phono jack pair for input 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
XLR adjusted input for paging mouthpiece. (48V Phantom power choice given)
15-pin D-Type connector for circling the sound (and alternatively Mic and RS232) contributions to another unit. There are likewise five control inputs: Remote zone control on RJ45 connector for zone 1, 2, 3, 4 and RS232 


 Eight results are accessible and a circle through is accommodated daisy affixing contributions to various units. Mono phono jack yield for zone 1, 2, 3, and 4. Selectable level or AEQ bend. The adjusted sound result on the Phoenix connector for zone 1, 2, 3, and 4. Imitates phono jack yield for the zone.15-pin D-Type connector for circling the sound data sources (and alternatively Mic and RS232) to another unit. 

Front Panel Controls 

Input Select

Zone Volume

Mic Volume

Zone signal indicator

Power On/Off

Power on indicator 

Rear Panel Connectors and Controls

Mains power input

Line Inputs

Line input gain controls

Input level set aid

Zone Outputs (unbalanced)

Zone Outputs (balanced)


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