If you want to build your own home theatre system, the first thing you probably picked out was a pair of speakers. In addition to that, they create an ideal setup for movies, music, games, or all of the above, subwoofers are one of the best key components of a complete audio system.

In fact, a home theatre subwoofer integrates with your central sound system, increasing the system’s soundstage. Of course, the sound waves created by subwoofers are omnidirectional and bounce around the room.

Why do I need one?

  • While you might hear the bass from your shelf or floor-standing speakers, a subwoofer lets you feel the sound.
  • In addition to that Subwoofers also have a high-loyalty audiophile-grade controller.
  • It also comes with the slimmest, most accurate drivers.
  • Similarly, An incredible subwoofer helps remove the heavy lifting from your amplifiers and improves your overall system.
  • Moreover, the elements of subwoofers are seriously convincing and compel each other.
  • The soundstage enlarges, and the sound system imaging turns out to be more exact, a subwoofer helps produce a more lively, sweeping sound.

Box n Beat provides a wide range of subwoofers for all the music lovers, it makes your home an ideal place for a home theater or home parties.

Therefore, At the point when you choose to explore different avenues regarding various subwoofers, you will consider factors like space and stylistic layout combination. Here at BOX N BEAT, you will get subwoofers of top brands like Mission, Q-Acoustics, and BIC America at an affordable price.

Thus we have subwoofers starting from a minimum range of INR25000 and it goes up to INR 60000.

Some of the models we serve are:
MISSION MS 800 SUBWOOFER STARTING FROM 54000 Dynamic-Drive IB, MS-800 elements a 12″ long-toss cone woofer
Q-ACOUSTICS 3060S SUBWOOFER STARTING FROM 48000 200mm (8″) elite driver, strong 150-watt speaker.
BIC-AMERICA PL-300 POWER SUBWOOFER STARTING FROM 62000 frequencies – 20Hz to 200Hz, Max output mode, Bass Boost switch



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