Speaker Stands

Speaker stands will remain on which amplifiers are set fully intent on working on the nature of sound from the speaker. During the 1970s artists and high constancy aficionados found that taking speakers off the ground and mounting them on something with no vibration expanded sound quality.

Common domestic furniture was not worked with the properties that would weaken vibrations thus improving the speaker’s sound. Thusly were carefully designed to eliminate any injurious colourations that occurred through undesirable vibration.

Further exploration has shown that speakers are best situated so the tweeter is level with the ear of the audience thus speaker stands are frequently constructed so they line up the speakers with the ear of an individual while plunking down.

What is the purpose of Speaker Stands?

Picture result for speaker stands depiction. The stands are explicitly intended to rescue the best once again from your speakers by overseeing vibrations, lessening early reflections and guaranteeing the appropriate measure of high pitch.

Important features of Speaker stands:

  • Cable routing: The speaker cable ought to be laid in the base. This is actual and looks great.
  • Adjustable level: This is not an unquestionable necessity, however, can make it simpler to tweak the speakers.
  • Stand properties: The stand ought to be essentially as weighty as conceivable to keep the stand and speaker from tipping over without any problem.

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Q Acoustics

Concept-20 40,900

Two lovely multi-layered smooth finishes in reflexive high contrast.

Q Acoustics



  • Acoustically damped sections
  • Intended to fit 3010i, 3020i, and 3090Ci

Q Acoustics


Provides the opportunity to lift the Subwoofer off the floor

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