Sonos is the main multi-room wireless speaker system that allows you to pay attention to your music overall in your home. It offers a modernized alternative option to conventional HiFi systems that occupy a lot of room. It can be fiddly to utilize and don’t exploit the present contribution.

If you are searching for the capacity to get the music to different rooms or you are basically needing the best strong with complete adaptability, then, at that point, Sonos is the momentum market superior. The reach involves a little variety of speakers from compact to exceptionally strong, each with their own motivation and a good sense for every one of your rooms.

How does Sonos work?

Sonos utilizes your WiFi to stream music from a developing catalogue of in excess of 100 streaming services including every one of the well-known like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music yet you can likewise stream free radio, digital broadcasts, or even audiobooks to your speaker.

Assuming you have beyond what one speaker, you can bunch similar sounds to all speakers without a moment’s delay, or you can decide to have every speaker playing something else, all from the centre of your hand. This is a major advantage of your speakers working over wifi.

As every speaker is given a room name, it’s likewise direct to know what you are controlling at some random time. This implies that you can be watching a film on your Sonos Beam in the cocktail lounge and your other half can be paying attention to the radio in the kitchen simultaneously. 

Sonos Products

Move: This product of Sonos is durable and maximizes the power of sound, it is an ultimate sound machine as you can get an actual astounding sound anywhere with the weatherproof and drop-resistant Move.

Roam: It is a lightweight and outdoor-ready portable smart speaker.

One: It has a powerful two-class-D digital amplifier which flawlessly tuned to the speaker’s special acoustic architecture.

Five: Sonos five has three tweeters one is a centre tweeter that optimizes vocal playback and the other two are angled tweeters that create a spatial extension.

Sub: The audio setting automatically equalizes to the balance Sub and the paired Sonos speaker(s) and components. You can also use the Sonos app to adjust bass, treble, and loudness.

Beam: The audio provides the benefits of crystal clear dialogue, vibrant bass, and a panoramic stage and also come across with a 3D surround sound effect by Dolby Atmos.

Arc: This soundbar system contains eight elliptical woofers which guarantee constant playback of mid-range and vocal frequencies plus rich bass.

Amp: Connect everything from your aloof then add Sonos speakers around your home for multi-room tuning in.

One SL: Sync your party fun with adjustable EQ by using the Sonos app and increase Bass and loudness through your phone superbly

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ONE SL 21,499
  • Requisite home speaker
  • Voice control


FIVE 59,499
  • Profound bass 
  • Occupies an enormous room



  • Eleven Class-D digital amplifiers
  • Adjustable EQ settings

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