Active Subwoofers

Active subwoofers, otherwise called powered subwoofers, incorporate their own power source, like an inherent speaker. Active subwoofers are not difficult to set up and are best utilized in a solitary subwoofer design. Along these lines, the position is more significant with dynamic subwoofers.

A single unit that includes a speaker/enhancer set up in which the qualities of the speaker and subwoofer speaker are ideally coordinated and encased in a similar compound.

Features of Active Subwoofers: 

Frequency response: A decent, quality subwoofer ought to have the option to go down to something like 35Hz.

Driver size: The most widely recognized driver size, and seemingly the most reasonable, is a 10 or 12-inch sub – this size can stay aware of any track, while faithfully replicating the least sounds.

Enclosure type: A subwoofer’s enclosure is the bureau that houses the speaker. The plan of the enclosure area can definitely change the presentation of the subwoofer.

Crossover: The crossover is an electric circuit that courses all frequencies underneath the predetermined highlight of the subwoofer – any remaining frequencies over that point are then passed on to be dealt with by the primary, focus and surround speakers.

Custom sound: Subwoofers that accompany pre-set modes are exceptionally helpful, as they can redo the sub’s bass reaction relying upon what you are paying attention to.

Size: The size of the subwoofer does not necessarily dictate its power.

Integration: The presentation of any subwoofer is equivalent to the number of its parts, as it is basically essential for a gathering of speakers, and as such, it is basic to perceive how the subwoofer will coordinate into your home theatre system.

Controls: The inclusion of a wireless remote makes life more convenient.

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Here are some products of Active subwoofers:




MISSION MS-200 25,900
  • Worked with a 10-inch long-toss driver
  • MS-200 fit for a 250W pinnacle power yield

Q Acoustics



·        High-loyalty audiophile

·        Slimmest subwoofer with accurate drivers. 


MS-400 49,900

These dynamic subwoofers likewise highlight flexible hybrid recurrence




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Year: 2021