Can you use an integrated amp with an AV receiver?

integrated amplifier

Integrated Amp with AV Receiver. Yes, there are a few different purposes to doing this. But the prime reason is the need of adding additional channels to the AV Receiver or adding power to the current speakers by streaming the audio through the Integrated Amplifier.

In addition, an integrated amp is used to improve the fidelity while playing the music. Perhaps to help the AV Receiver present better dynamics on the remaining surrounding channels.

Here are some conditions that should be considered:

  • The AV amp/receiver needs pre-out connections for basically the front sound system L&R signals. The pre-outs supply the signal to the integrated amp. As the AV receiver volume level is changing so the pre-out signal tracks it.

Some of the pre-outs are: Sub-woofer pre-outs, Front left (FL) and right pre-outs (FR) or (front), Center pre-outs (C), Surround pre-outs or surround (SR and SL), and surround back (SBR and SBL) and Zone 2 and zone 3 pre-outs (multi-zone).

  • The integrated amp needs to be a power match for the AV receiver. On the other hand, the integrated amp will put out slightly more power than its exceptionally safe spec sheet recommends. Assuming your AVR is appraised at 100W/ch in light of a couple of channels being estimated then you may be fortunate and get 60-70W/ch in reality.

A nice 40-50W sound system amp will stay up with that very agreeable. You’d battle however with a sound system amp at 10-30W except if the multichannel listening volume never got a lot above 90dB.

Pros and Cons of using an integrated amp with AV Receiver:


  • Reduces the burden on the AV receiver which works on its productivity as it powers fewer channels.
  • Worked on sound quality for your home theatre system by improving the sonic character of the room.
  • Works on the capacity to grow the surround sound system. One can reroute the unused receiver results to control different speakers like the level speakers for Dolby Atmos and level modes or to another room (zone). The connection prospects are indefinite and you can modify your arrangement as indicated by your inclination.


  • AV Receivers with pre-outs are high-cost in contrast to those without pre-outs.
  • Powering more amplifiers will that the system to consume more power which drives up the power cost.
  • Supplementary cables can make cable management more perplexing.

Here are some of the best Integrated AV Receivers that will make your life tuned and provides the best sound quality ever:

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Denon PMA-2500NE

Marantz PM-10

Denon PMA-50

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