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Difference Between Turntables and Record players.

Difference between a turntable and record player.

The demand of turn table and record player has been increasing day by day but still it is very confusing to choose between the two. In fact in pictures also they look quite same. Thus differentiating between a turntable and record player is must. They may be look same but have distinct entities. Common lets learn about the Difference between a turntable and record player with BOX N BEAT.



A turntable is a circular revolving plate that supports a record as it is played. Or we can say that the turntable is the most important component of a record player. It is the part of the player that holds the record and spins it. Turntables are very similar to record players, but they don’t come with built-in speakers or amplifiers. A turntable includes a platter, tonearm, and cartridge and works as a single unit, which requires extra parts to play music.

It is a simple piece of equipment, and its mechanical operations are likewise simple. When the recorder is placed on the platter, it is secured by the spindle. This stops the record from sliding when the platter begins to rotate. When the platter is in motion, the tonearm is then moved into place above the record and gently lowered. This brings the stylus – the needle – into contact with the record’s surface.

When the stylus engages with the record surface, it settles into the grooves of the record. At last the cartridge then converts those movements into an electric signal thanks to the magnets and wire coils contained within. The electric signals created is called as a PHONO signal.

In turn tables there are 2 ways in which platter is driven:

First Direct-drive in which turntables have a motor under the platter, which rotates the platter directly, and second is belt-drive where turntables use a pulley system to connect the motor to the platter.


A record player is a device that reproduces sound from records. It is a device that includes both the turntable, cartridge and arm, speakers, or an amplifier in one unit. Just connect it to the power source and it will be alive and start its full force of video production. There’s no need for extra cables, external components, or anything else.

Now a days record players have other elements integrated in them such as a radio, Bluetooth, USB connectivity and more. Generally they are bigger in size as compared to the turn table and are not portable.

Record Player vs. Turntable

A turntable will require other elements such as a speaker and amplifier to function effectively in playing sounds. However, a record player will not require any other instrument to play music records.

Record players are expensive as compared to turntables.

Turntable is generally smaller and more mobile than a record player. A record player because of the incorporated devices is usually suggested to be kept at one place.

Turntables have limited options on the type of music formats that can be played, while a record player can play various file formats, including CD, radio, and MP3.

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