Best Bluetooth speaker under Rs 50000?

Best Bluetooth speaker under Rs 50000

Best Bluetooth speakers under Rs 50000?

Bluetooth speakers, also known as wireless speakers. These speakers  can be wirelessly paired by one or more devices such as  televisions, iPads, and computers. It comes with rechargeable batteries as well as wall-powered units.

These wireless speakers have made our lives much easier. In fact, when it comes to wireless Bluetooth speakers, the first and main difference is that they do not require a wire connection. As long as the device in your hand supports it, you can remotely associate it with the Bluetooth speaker. These speakers receive digital audio via Bluetooth technology when paired with Bluetooth enabled digital audio devices.

We know that sometimes it becomes very challenging to choose the perfect speakers, especially when you have countless choices in the market. But in any case, don’t you worry since BOX N BEAT is here to tackle every one of your concerns.

Here are some of the best Bluetooth speaker under Rs 50000 which are suitable for indoors and outdoors as well as are ideal for every music lover out there:

1.SONOS MOVE: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The MOVE: Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most durable and versatile speakers from Sonos. It offers premium sound and a wide soundstage . It is also considered as the best-sounding portable speaker ever made. It is designed in such a manner that it uses automatic True Play tuning to adapt the sound to your surroundings and content. Its weather-resistant design makes it even more special as it delivers an exceptional outdoor listening experience.

2.  Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker 

Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth speaker produces a clear midrange, deep bass and just weight 2.5 kg.Free from the confines of wires and cords, this Bluetooth speaker offers 20+ hours of portable playtime on a single charge. Not only that but this sound hero provides multi directional sound and gives you an amazing experience of music indoors as well as in outdoors areas. It has Bluetooth 5.0 technology for wireless music play which means we can play music at a range up to 30 feet away from the speakers.

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3.  Marshall Tufton Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Tufton is the ideal companion for all music lovers, with 20+ hours of playtime on a single charge. Its compact design and flush-mounted corner caps make it an extremely rugged and durable speaker. It also comes with multi-host functionality, which means you can smoothly connect and switch between two Bluetooth devices. It has a strong body and can resist water at the same time.

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